begin (トランザクションの開始 )
commit (トランザクションのコミット )
exec (SQLを実行する。 )
execValue (値取得用にSQLを実行する。 )
rollback (トランザクションのロールバック )
errorCode (直前のコマンド実行のエラーコード )
errorMessage (直前のコマンド実行のエラーメッセージ )
lastInsertRowId (直前の挿入の行ID )
SQLITE_ABORT (Callback routine requested an abort )
SQLITE_AUTH (Authorization denied )
SQLITE_BUSY (The database file is locked )
SQLITE_CANTOPEN (Unable to open the database file )
SQLITE_CONSTRAINT (Abort due to constraint violation )
SQLITE_CORRUPT (The database disk image is malformed )
SQLITE_DONE (sqlite3_step() has finished executing )
SQLITE_EMPTY (Database is empty )
SQLITE_ERROR (SQL error or missing database )
SQLITE_FORMAT (Auxiliary database format error )
SQLITE_FULL (Insertion failed because database is full )
SQLITE_INTERNAL (Internal logic error in SQLite )
SQLITE_INTERRUPT (Operation terminated by sqlite3_interrupt() )
SQLITE_IOERR (Some kind of disk I/O error occurred )
SQLITE_LOCKED (A table in the database is locked )
SQLITE_MISMATCH (Data type mismatch )
SQLITE_MISUSE (Library used incorrectly )
SQLITE_NOLFS (Uses OS features not supported on host )
SQLITE_NOMEM (A malloc() failed )
SQLITE_NOTADB (File opened that is not a database file )
SQLITE_NOTFOUND (NOT USED. Table or record not found )
SQLITE_OK (Successful result )
SQLITE_PERM (Access permission denied )
SQLITE_PROTOCOL (NOT USED. Database lock protocol error )
SQLITE_RANGE (2nd parameter to sqlite3_bind out of range )
SQLITE_READONLY (Attempt to write a readonly database )
SQLITE_ROW (sqlite3_step() has another row ready )
SQLITE_SCHEMA (The database schema changed )
SQLITE_TOOBIG (String or BLOB exceeds size limit )